Parish/School Resources


Below are forms needed for diocesan requirements and parish use.

Parent Child Lures and Circle of Grace Waivers

Parents who wish to waive (opt-out) Child Lures or Circle of Grace training for their child should complete this form. Parishes should keep this form with their Safe Environment Child Lures and Circle of Grace files. Parishes will need information from these forms to complete the yearly parish audit. The waiver form should be inserted in the Faith Formation Supplement for the Child Lures Program or in the Circle of Grace  training binder. Click here for the waiver form.

Youth assisting in parish/school programs

Youth assisting in parish programs should review with their supervisor the Pastoral Conduct for Youth. This form should then be signed by both the youth and the supervisor. this form does not get sent to the diocese, however, the parish should keep in their files for 6 (six) years. Click here for the Pastoral Conduct for Youth.

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