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Editorial Catholic Press Month a time to recall this newspaper's unchanged goal

February is Catholic Press Month, which honors the role of the Catholic press in the church’s mission.

At The Northern Cross, we first wish to thank you for reading the paper and for your support over the years, along with your support for all the church’s many important ministries. Our goal remains to carry out the vision of the Second Vatican Council regarding the Catholic press. The council fathers described it this way:

“To instill a fully Christian spirit into readers, a truly Catholic press should be set up and encouraged. Such a press — whether immediately fostered and directed by ecclesiastical authorities or by Catholic laymen — should be edited with the clear purpose of forming, supporting and advancing public opinion in accord with natural law and Catholic teaching and precepts. It should disseminate and properly explain news concerning the life of the Church. Moreover, the faithful ought to be advised of the necessity both to spread and read the Catholic press to formulate Christian judgments for themselves on all events.”

As the council fathers presciently foresaw elsewhere in the document, there is an amazing, accelerating proliferation of mass communications outlets. However, in a culture that is often hostile to the worldview reflected in “natural law and Catholic teaching and precepts,” we believe having publications that present that view in its richness and fullness, with honesty, charity, mercy and clarity, is all the more important.

Again, we thank you for reading The Northern Cross, and we invite you, when you’ve finished, to pass it on to a friend who might benefit from it. We will continue working to expand into all the new places where the voice of the Catholic press needs to be heard.