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Editorial: May the coming school year bless us all

It’s back to school time!

In this issue of The Northern Cross, you will read about big plans being considered for the future of Catholic education in the city of Duluth, with implications for the diocese as a whole. We encourage you to get involved in this process, as part of the goal is to seek broad input from the Catholic community to make these plans the very best they can be.

But we also want to note here what has not changed: The joy and trepidation of students beginning a new year, the hopes and dreams of parents sending their children off to school (some of them for the first time), the hopes and dreams of teachers and principals and staff and volunteers at schools, the hopeful expectation of communities.

The faithful in our diocese take a variety of approaches to education, from diocesan schools to public schools to homeschooling and more.

We ask God’s blessing on these endeavors and especially on students and families and the diocesan schools. May this school year mark growth in knowledge, yes, but also and more importantly in character and virtue, and most of all in love of God.

And may this richness in turn bless all of us in the church, in our families and in our communities