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Editorial: Remembering the Rev. Billy Graham

The recent news of the death of televangelist Billy Graham has caused widespread sadness throughout America, and for good reason. Billy Graham’s witness was a constant message of faith and God’s love to American culture.

Nowadays, the use of the term “televangelist” tends to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, considering the often reported scandals surrounding sexual immorality and greed. But it is good for us to remember that the first televangelist was in fact a great man. Though not Catholic, the Rev. Graham was always a man of Gospel truth. As far as can be observed, he lived what he preached. His missionary work, which has been handed down to his children, has continued to bear much fruit throughout the world. His organization, known as “Samaritan’s Purse,” helps the poorest of the poor and areas of the world that have been hit by tragedy.

The fact that Graham was a counselor to 12 U.S. presidents illustrates how important he was to the fabric of our country. He was also very deferential to the Catholic Church, never seeing Catholicism as a competition but as a partner. His friendship with Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen is also well known.

We acknowledge and give thanks for all the great work Rev. Graham did in his ministry of spreading the word of God’s love, and we have hope that he is now with the God to whom he dedicated his life. Please pray for the repose of his soul.