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Editorial: Time of change for schools an invitation to get involved

The month of May brings the end of a school year, and that always brings change. Students graduate and new ones arrive. Principals, faculty and staff retire or move on to other opportunities, and new ones arrive. Change is part of life.

However, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Duluth are facing more potential changes than usual.

In this issue of The Northern Cross, one story reports that St. Mary’s School in Pine City is closing after 59 years of service, certainly a sad occasion and a time to honor that good, faithful work.

Elsewhere in the paper there is a story on potential changes among the four schools that comprise the Duluth Area Catholic Schools. Instead of a parochial model, the schools are going to study the possibility of organizing as a single school with multiple campuses while expanding its offerings to include Catholic high school education in Duluth for the first time in decades.

In Cloquet, Queen of Peace School is saying goodbye to the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist who have made such a contribution to that school’s vibrancy after it nearly closed a few years ago.

In the midst of all this change, we have a simple suggestion: Get involved.

Catholic education is a gift. In such uncertain times, its presence has tremendous importance for preparing our children to live their faith and to become the next generation of disciples of Jesus Christ.

The simple fact is that the more people get involved in supporting Catholic education, the better it works.

There are a whole host of ways to get involved, ranging from sending your own children or grandchildren to a Catholic school to becoming a volunteer to praying for the schoolchildren and their families to assisting in funding the schools to supporting legislation that supports the schools.

But get involved in some way, to help make sure Catholic education for our kids is the best it can be.