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Letter to the Editor

Firefighter: I need my faith like I need air

As a firefighter, I read with interest "Who Told You You Were Naked?", by Kelvin Cochran, who happened to be fire chief in Atlanta. It describes the Christian ethos of being clothed in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

It is about redemption and conviction, though some call it condemnation. Being Catholic, I found it a breath of fresh air in this increasingly pornotopic world. But city employees were told if they have this ethos, they must leave it at the door.

Being weak and a sinner, my work without faith would be like "spitting in the wind." Firefighters see the worst and deal with the vulnerable. I do not always love them as I should, but my faith gives me the best goal.

Many define what love is, but Jesus said it best. Firefighters know there is no greater love than to lay one's life down for a brother. What a beautiful, merciful love!

Jesus did that. In the ugliness of sin and death, Jesus invites us to see beyond, where all things are made new in the beatific vision.

Unexpected spiritual happiness is more joyful than any planned worldly ecstasy. Christ's radiance shines from you onto others and they see true happiness. "He has put a fresh song in my mouth, praise of our God. Many will be awestruck at the sight and will put their trust in Yahweh."

Faith is breath in me, like air I carry into fire. I need it.

By God's grace would I lay down my life, but only by that grace will I live life to the fullest. As a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife, we cleave to God. This is a beautiful thing!

God, clothe us with the true light of Christ, always and everywhere.

Sara Rowe, Duluth