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Life Briefs - November 2014

The Northern Cross - November 2014

Local Life News in Brief

Innocents cemetery in Aurora

The East Range Parishes of Aurora, Hoyt Lakes and Biwabik, hosted the Cemetery of the Innocents at Holy Rosary Church in Aurora from Sept. 20 to Oct. 3. The crosses represent the loss of lives to abortion in our country each day. Each of the 320 crosses represents 10 children who die by abortion each day. A team of dedicated parishioners spent several cold, wet and windy hours setting it up and taking it down. The installation elicited much comment and response, being located across the street from the public school, Mesabi East. The parishes said they pray for an end to abortion and for all those who have had abortions and that peace, healing and respect for life will grow in our culture.

Youth for Life Club underway

Hibbing’s Blessed Sacrament parish’s pro-life ministry, Together in Life, is sponsoring the Youth for Life Club for the fifth and sixth grade students of Assumption Catholic School. The first monthly meeting during the children’s lunch and recess period was held recently, with full participation from each of the classes. The club members will focus on the dignity of each human person as a gift, loved and desired by God. The children will also connect with the orphans in Kenya under the care of Father Samson Kigowe by being pen pals. Father Kigowe recently spent time in Hibbing and shared with the students and the community some of the impoverished conditions in his home parish. Children there sleep on what amounts to wooden freight pallets on dirt floors with no padding or mattress. There are openings for windows but no actual windows where the orphans sleep, so people must stand guard to protect them from wild animal attacks during the night. However, despite many difficulties, the children are joyful. Blessed Sacrament is raising funds to address some of the structural problems with the school and the lack of windows where the orphans sleep. Father Kigowe stated that for his orphans the pen pal experience will be a sign of hope and of God’s love in the world. It will also be a blessing for the children of the Youth for Life Club to enter into new friendships and build relationships that could last a life time.