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Life News in Brief - February 2016

Father Nelson addresses Youth for Life club at Hibbing school

Father Nick Nelson, associate pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church, led a discussion with Assumption Catholic School’s Youth for Life club in December during a birthday party for the birth of Jesus. Using Scriptural accounts of the Nativity of Christ, he examined selected passages for different ways that they illustrated a positive pro-life message. In group discussion on the pro-life theme in the texts, the children cited that Mary said “yes” to God, “yes” to life, and that by listening to God, Joseph protected Mary and Jesus. In contrast to being led by God, King Herod was so afraid of losing his worldly power, he had all the children under the age of two killed. These children were the first to witness to Christ and are recognized as the first martyrs, the Holy Innocents. As with any birthday party, the children had the opportunity to offer the guest of honor gifts, such as prayer, acts of charity, mercy and virtue.