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School Article - First steps with Stella Maris

The Northern Cross - August 2017
First steps with Stella Maris bring hope

By Father Jeremy Bock

On March 7, I was in the midst of my final semester of seminary, taking a class on Mariology. We were to give a presentation on the history of a specific devotion of Mary under one of her titles. I selected “Stella Maris.” Little did I know that a short time later Bishop Paul Sirba would draw the name Stella Maris Academy from a basket and much later assign me to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, where I have a role in the new academy.

As I sat in on my first meeting to get caught up on how things were progressing, I was impressed by the work and careful consideration that had gone into the planning. I could see in front of me the beginnings of the fruit of “The Called to be One” initiative. As I listened, the saying “if you put love in, you will draw love out” came to my mind. Much love for Christ and his church has been poured in to bring about the new academy, and the fruit of the desire to be one is beginning to show itself. I see it in the feedback on the school crest, new uniforms, and mascot, and in the priests.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the mascot is the Sentinels, the result of the vote among the students. The Sentinel is one who keeps watch, who guards and protects from enemies. I have great hope that this “Sentinel way of life” will take root in the mindset of the students, parents, teachers, staff, and the surrounding community.

I am hopeful that as this transition takes affect and the new changes bring greater sacrifice for some than for others, that all will support one another. I am hopeful that all will remain attentive to the feedback of others and that this new initiative will provide a Christian culture that fosters learning and encourages us all to live by the example and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Jeremy Bock is the parochial vicar of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Mary’s Star of the Sea in Duluth.