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School Article: Why choose a Catholic school?

The Northern Cross - September 2017
Why choose a Catholic school?

By Julianne Blazevic

Have you ever walked into a Catholic school when students were present? Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Catholic school? As a principal, I have talked to many people over the years that thought about sending their children to a Catholic school but never did because of one reason or another. I have given tours to prospective families and have heard the phrase, “I had no idea this was here. I wish I would have come in to see this sooner.”

I have many reasons why you should consider sending your children to a Catholic school. My perspective is unique. I am a mother of two children who attend a Catholic school in Duluth. I was a Catholic school teacher for many years and now hold a principal position at Stella Maris Academy at St. James Campus in the Diocese of Duluth.

As parents, we have many options in selecting a school for our children. It is indeed one of the most important choices we can make for our children’s future. The ultimate goal of Catholic school education is the fulfillment of theeducational ministry of the Catholic Church and has as its primary objective the ongoing formation and the development of each individual’s God-given gifts.

In choosing a Catholic school, you are providing your child with the spiritual and developmental skills they will need to build a bright academic future. Our students are leaders, developing in safe and nurturing environments conducive to academic excellence where they prepare for higher education and the global marketplace beyond.

Choose a Catholic school for these basic reasons:

• Assist in the total faith formation of children;

• Believe that all children can succeed;

• Set high expectations with a challenging curriculum that is balanced with arts and music;

• Hold a proven record of academic excellence with high graduation rates;

• Promote self-discipline with moral values to serve others and help develop leadership;

• Have caring and effective teachers in a safe and disciplined environment;

• Teach respect of self and others; and,

• Prepare students to be productive citizens and good stewards of resources. When choosing a Catholic School, consider the following:

• Discuss what characteristics of a school are important to your family;

• Visit the websites of each school you are considering;

• Contact the school to schedule a visit or request additional information; and,

• What is so unique about this School that gives me valid and reliable reasons to enroll my child as a student?

To understand the true value of a Catholic school education, visit one of our schools in your area today to see for yourself just how much a Catholic school has to offer your children.

Julianne Blazevic is principal of Stella Maris Academy’s St. James Campus in Duluth.