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Schools Article April 2014

Schools Article
April 2014
Everything else is south…

By Dawn Flesland

My mother was recently on vacation in Nevada and ran into another Minnesotan while there. “Which town are you from?” she asked the new acquaintance.

“Northern Minnesota,” the woman replied.

“Me too, are you from The Falls?” exclaimed my mom. After a brief exchange, she found out the woman was from Hibbing, which is fairly north in the state. But as my Mom related to me: “Everything is south of International Falls.”

We all view the world in relation to those around us. Catholic schools do the same. We know that we teach the same basic subjects, and cover the same curriculums — the “common core” (the current buzz word) — as public schools. But what do Catholic schools do better? Why choose Catholic school for your family?

The 21st century family is pulled in so many directions. There are groups and activities for anyone ages birth to 100 years old. Families are driven by social media, Internet and television to do more with their lives — be involved in everything available. How do we get back to the basics, the truly important parts when there is so much to do?

A spiritual addition

Catholic schools allow your child to integrate their faith into their lives every day without a second thought. Many of us would like to be more intentional with sharing faith with our children but lack the time to do so. Work schedules and busy lives interfere with going to Mass each weekday, Saturday or Sunday. Youth groups and religious education nights are wonderful but not always convenient for families. Catholic schools solve the “when can we talk about faith?” question.

A Catholic school education is an investment in your child’s future. How many times have we heard about how and where to invest our money? Are you investing in your children’s future through life insurance or a college savings fund? Why not invest in your child’s future right now, with the best start possible!

Morals, manners and virtues are a core part of a Catholic education. We, unlike public schools, are able to bring God into the classroom every day as a teacher. The Bible is a book to be referenced and used daily in our classrooms. Statues of Jesus, Mary and saints are located in prominent places in our classrooms as a reminder of our call to follow Jesus. Mass is celebrated each week, and prayers are encouraged throughout the day.

Catholic Schools are grounded in a rich history of academic excellence. As you look around your local community, how many community or business leaders found their start in Catholic schools? I know this is true in my hometown of International Falls!

This spring, as you see invitations for local open houses or registration nights, please prayerfully consider sending your child to Catholic school. It is an investment for your family and your child’s future.

Dawn Flesland is principal of St. Thomas School in International Falls.