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Schools Article May 2014

Schools Article
May 2014
In small community, volunteers key to Catholic school

By Deanna Jahnz

Catholic schools have a long history of providing students with strong academics, a faithful love for Jesus and a strong foundation to build their future.

This can be traced back to the principals, teachers and support staff that bring their passion for education to the classrooms, but the foundation of most Catholic school success is the volunteers that provide endless hours for a program they have immense passion for.

At St. Mary’s School in Pine City, we have a list of volunteers that is probably longer than the hallways, and we are incredibly thankful for their many hours and support they provide.

Our current Home and School president, Kelly Welch, is no exception. She has brought a number of new fundraising ideas to our school and has worked tirelessly to make them successful. She gives her time writing grants, requesting donations and organizing events.

She is very involved in volunteering within the classroom environment as well. She is always available to help teachers when requested, has given many hours to our Christmas program each year, and much, much more. Her dedication for Catholic education is one in a million.

Ivan Scheier said, “The broadest, and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to.” This quote defines Kelly and the work she does to support our school.

It is hard to say thank you to a volunteer, because their work goes above and beyond, so the staff and students of St. Mary’s would like use this opportunity to thank Kelly and all our volunteers for the support and prayers they provide every day.

Providing Catholic education in a small community is a blessing St. Mary’s plans to continue, but it is the continued dedication and support our volunteers bring that allows us to guide students through their academic and spiritual growth.

Deanna Jahnz is principal of St. Mary’s School, Pine City.