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Father Michael Schmitz: Why are funeral homilies so much about Jesus and not the deceased?

Posted by Kyle Eller

We recently had a funeral for a family member. I was a bit annoyed by how much the priest talked about Jesus and how little he talked about the person who died. Isn’t the funeral supposed to be more of a celebration of the person’s life?

You bring up ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: The all-time classic apologetic response

Posted by Kyle Eller

Apologetics as a form of teaching and defending the Catholic faith is very ancient. In fact, many Scripture scholars believe the Gospel of Luke was originally written as an apologetic teaching. In the earliest Christian period, apologetics was a way of responding to pagan accusations, so the earliest apologists ... Read More »

Bill Van Loh: Our Catholic schools — Keeping Christ in Christmas

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Bill Van LohGuest columnist

As we approach Christmas 2016, it is marvelous to share in the growing wonder and joy of the young people in our Catholic schools. We are, of course, also part of the larger culture with its high degree of commercialism. However, beyond that, our ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Instead of worrying kids with politics, give them Christ the King

Posted by Kyle Eller

When I was a grammar school kid, I was afraid of things like spiders, snakes and at times the dark. I worried about which friends I could play with and what activity I should do. I struggled with whether I should play in the park or go swimming in ... Read More »

Jason Adkins: Catholics can be a healing balm for a wounded nation

Posted by Kyle Eller

Much can and has been said about the most recent election, and much more will be said for years to come. What is undoubtedly true is that the election cycle exacerbated two powerful dynamics in American public life: the constant thirst for change as a reaction to a political ... Read More »

Kyle Eller: Being post-election peacemakers is our urgent task

Posted by Kyle Eller

On Election Day, I made a Holy Hour at my parish, sitting with Jesus for a while. I didn’t pray for any specific outcome in the elections, but rather, I held up to him all the rancor, all the division, all the evil talk, all the scandal, all the ... Read More »

Editorial: Enjoy — and share — this joyous season

Posted by Kyle Eller

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” we hear in one of the Christmas songs no doubt already playing in many stores.

And in so many ways it really is. Christmas is one of the Christian holidays that Americans can’t quite let go. It’s easy to get cynical ... Read More »

Safe environment audit finds compliance, no exceptions

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross

Like most dioceses, the Diocese of Duluth has an annual independent audit of its safe environment practices to ensure it is meeting its commitments under the Charter For the Protection of Children and Young People. Those requirements include things like background checks and safety ... Read More »

Three men ordained permanent deacons

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross

Bishop Paul Sirba ordained three men, Gerald Bock, Michael Eisenbraun and John Specht, permanent deacons in a Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary Nov. 20, urging them to help form intentional disciples, rebuild marriage and perform works of service, love ... Read More »

Calendar of Events - December 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - December 2016 Calendar of Events

Communion and Liberation school community

Duluth Communion and Liberation School of Community meets every Friday evening at 7 p.m. at different locations in the Duluth area. Prayer, singing, sharing experiences, what’s been discovered and concludes with a potluck. The community ... Read More »