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School article: Dressing for Success - November 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - November 2016 St. Thomas School is dressing for success

By Dawn Flesland Guest columnist

The final school in the Diocese of Duluth has started to wear uniforms! Located in International Falls, St. Thomas School students have begun to wear uniforms one day a week for ... Read More »

School News in Brief - November 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - November 2016 School News In Brief

Duluth Catholic schools have forestry day

On Sept. 20, fifth-graders of Holy Rosary School in Duluth, along with students from all the other schools of the Duluth Area Catholic Schools, participated in the annual Forestry Field Day at Chester ... Read More »

Local News - Deacon Jubilees - November 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

Local News In Brief - November 2016 Permanent Deacon Jubilees 15 Years

Deacon Rodger Brannan

Deacon Rodger Brannan was ordained to the permanent diaconate by Bishop Dennis Schnurr for the diocese on Nov. 25, 2001, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary in Duluth.

Deacon Brannan’s wife ... Read More »

Local News in Brief - November 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - November 2016 Local News In Brief

Three permanent deacons to be ordained Nov. 20

Bishop Paul Sirba will ordain Gerald Bock, Michael Eisenbraun and John Specht to the permanent diaconate at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary ... Read More »

Liz Hoefferle: Mary’s title of ‘first disciple’ gives us a model

Posted by Kyle Eller

Throughout the centuries, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been given a number of titles. Some of these are probably familiar to us, as they depict names of churches in our diocese. “Queen of Peace,” “Our Lady of the Snows” and “Immaculate Conception” are just a few. Each of these ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Painful election shows how much character matters in our elected leaders this year

Posted by Kyle Eller

Another presidential election is upon us. I have always been a bit of a political buff, even briefly majoring in the subject while in college. Politics as it relates to faith is a constant dialogue in our household, to the extreme that some of my children have asked for ... Read More »

An election year statement from the Roman Catholic bishops of Minnesota

Posted by Kyle Eller

Faithful Citizenship means prayerful, active, and responsible participation in the political process. That includes knowledgeably exercising the right to vote with a well-formed conscience.

Voting is a privilege and an important duty. It is an opportunity for God’s faithful to love our neighbors by electing legislators who will hopefully ... Read More »

Mary Jane O’Brien: Mother Teresa and conscience formation

Posted by Kyle Eller

Mary Jane O’BrienFaith in the Public Arena

During election season, we hear a great deal about “following our consciences” and the need for conscience formation. The U.S. bishops offer their guide to faithful citizenship so that the principles of Catholic social teaching might inform our election day decisions, and ... Read More »

Editorial: A Christian response to ‘black lives matter’

Posted by Kyle Eller

In the pro-life community, we use the phrase “love them both.” It’s our response to the accusation that loving and protecting unborn babies somehow means enmity toward their abortion-minded mothers. We respond: “No, we love them both.” The pro-life community puts those words into action, working to support mothers ... Read More »

Restoration of log church in Sawyer at the intersection of history, faith, evangelization

Posted by Kyle Eller

Efforts are under way to restore a historic log church in Sawyer — one of the oldest buildings remaining in northern Minnesota, and one of great significance to its Catholic Native American community.

Known as Guardian Angel Mission Church, “The Church in the Woods” or simply the Sawyer Log ... Read More »