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Local News in brief - January 2016

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross Local News in Brie

Bishop named for Kingstown

Pope Francis on Dec. 22 announced in Rome the appointment of Father Gerard County, C.S.Sp., as the third bishop of the Diocese of Kingstown. In 2011 when Bishop Jason Gordon was appointed, he was given the unusual appointment ... Read More »

Liz Hoefferle: Our job — extend God’s mercy to others through works

Posted by Kyle Eller

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36).

This instruction of Jesus comes after he tells us to love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, pray for those who mistreat us and give to everyone who asks of us. Liz HoefferleHanding on the Faith

... Read More »

Father Michael Schmitz: Sacrifice is not arbitrary — it’s about trust

Posted by Kyle Eller

Question: I’m afraid of sacrifice. Not that I am afraid of giving up stuff or letting go of what I need to let go of, but I am afraid of what God might possibly call me to sacrifice some day.

Answer: Thank you for writing. your fear totally makes ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: Don’t miss history being made in Holy Year of Mercy

Posted by Kyle Eller

This month will be the start of a pretty big deal. Several months ago, Pope Francis announced the Holy Year of Mercy, starting Dec. 8 and running through 2016.

A Holy Year is very different from other themed years. You may remember the Year of St. Paul or the ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Journalist’s fishing misses the big Pope Francis story

Posted by Kyle Eller

Prior to the papal visit to the United States, my college-aged son was interviewed by a major metropolitan newspaper. The reporter said she was looking for people who had taken extraordinary measures to ensure a close view of the pope while he was in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

My ... Read More »

Five ordained to permanent diaconate

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross

The Diocese of Duluth has a large new class of permanent deacons. Five men — Ralph Bakeberg, James Philbin, Carl Provost, Tim Richardson and Grant Toma — were ordained by Bishop Paul Sirba Nov. 22 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary ... Read More »

Jason Adkins: Ending political homelessness

Posted by Kyle Eller

For many Catholics, the most troubling aspect of the presidential campaign season is the feeling of political homelessness. Just when one of the candidates begins to sound sensible, something completely outrageous emerges out of his or her mouth. No single candidate seems to be addressing the many important policy ... Read More »

Aubry Haben: Year’s end a great time to reflect on giving

Posted by Kyle Eller

As we begin Advent and reflect on the gift of the Nativity, what an appropriate time to also reflect on our gifts to the Lord. Have we been generous with our time, talent and treasure? Have we prepared for God a feast, or have we given him our leftovers? ... Read More »

Kyle Eller: Mystery of Christmas should change our approach to religion

Posted by Kyle Eller

Recently a Catholic friend asked me for some advice. A non-Catholic religious speaker was coming to her community, and she was wondering if she should go and hear him. She was worried about the possibility that it would involve some kind of Catholic bashing.

When I looked into the ... Read More »

Editorial: It’s fitting that the Year of Mercy begins in Advent

Posted by Kyle Eller

“This is the opportune moment to change our lives!” Pope Francis wrote these words in his document outlining the Year of Mercy that begins this month.

As is outlined elsewhere in these pages, this jubilee is a big deal. Even if you don’t normally pay attention to these kinds ... Read More »