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Deacon Jubilees - November 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - November 2015 Local News in Brief - Permanent Deacon Jubilees 30 Years

Deacon Richard Laumeyer was ordained to the permanent diaconate by Bishop Robert Brom on June 30, 1985, for the Diocese of Duluth.

Deacon Laumeyer is an insurance agent and owns Lake Superior Agency ... Read More »

Local News in Brief - November 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - November 2015 Local News In Brief

Bishop Sirba visits BHC

Bishop Paul Sirba distributed Communion to residents of the Benedictine Health Center in Duluth during a Mass to celebrate its 35th anniversary Oct. 13.

Former model Darrow, Davidson come to Virginia

Leah Darrow, former New ... Read More »

Overwhelmed by joy: Thousands of northern Minnesota Catholics process through Duluth

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross Just below the Civic Center in Duluth, looking down Fifth Avenue West, a child could see something important and had to tell a parent. “I see Jesus!” For a large collection of photos from the Eucharistic Procession, see this album. Sure enough, blocks ahead ... Read More »

Liz Hoefferle: Church’s emphasis shows how critical the family is

Posted by Kyle Eller

A lot of attention has been focused lately on the family. A worldwide meeting of families was held last month in Philadelphia, and a three-week gathering of bishops is beginning this month in Rome to discuss the “vocation and mission” of the family. This emphasis on the family highlights ... Read More »

Father Michael Schmitz: What’s the meaning of suffering?

Posted by Kyle Eller

I’ve been hurting a lot lately, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. It seems like no matter what I do, nothing changes. If God has been trying to teach me a lesson, I think I’ve learned it by this point. Thank you so much for writing. ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: Predestination isn’t the same as pre-knowledge

Posted by Kyle Eller

Here is a question that comes up from time to time with the kids at my parish school of St. John’s: “If God knows everything, then he knows if we are going to heaven or hell. So if he already knows where we are going, what’s the point of ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Making son join procession was right parental decision

Posted by Kyle Eller

It was early Saturday morning and I went to wake up one of my teenage sons. “Get up! We have to get to the procession early.” He said, “No, Mom, I don’t want to go. I have been gone all week in the Boundary Waters, and I don’t want ... Read More »

Jason Adkins: Culture of relativism harming families, persons, society

Posted by Kyle Eller

Now that people from around the world have met in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families, it is important to take stock of one of the deepest challenges to the family today: moral relativism. Relativism is a powerful challenge to nurturing healthy families because it harms the moral ... Read More »

Kyle Eller: Pope Francis visit teaches us — it’s all connected

Posted by Kyle Eller

When I began this column, more than a decade ago now, I chose the title “Mere Catholicism” with a particular vision in mind, one that I don’t know if I’ve ever really explained, and one that Pope Francis’ visit has called to mind. It’s an obvious reference to the ... Read More »

Editorial: Precious times of grace

Posted by Kyle Eller

We have been experiencing difficult, challenging times as Catholics. Some of it has been caused from within — from the wounds of sin committed by members of the church or from our own weakness. Some has been from without, from cultural misunderstandings and sometimes hostilities and rejection. Some is ... Read More »