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God Made Us a Family - School Article - March 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - March 2015 God made us a family

By Mary Sitek

On any given weekday when 11 a.m. approaches, classroom work is suspended. Books are closed, papers and pencils are put away, and lunch and recess are about to begin at St. John the Evangelist School ... Read More »

School Briefs - March 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - March 2015 School Briefs

St. Blaise blessings

Father Brandon Moravitz, pastor of Marquette School in Virginia, visited each classroom of the school Feb. 5 and blessed everyone’s throat. Feb. 3 is the feast day for St. Blaise, the patron saint of throat ailments. The blessing ... Read More »

Local News in Brief - March 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - March 2015 Local News in Brief

Annual outdoor Way of the Cross April 3

Duluth Communion and Liberation, in cooperation with the College of St. Scholastica campus ministry and the University of Minnesota Duluth Newman Center, is sponsoring the annual outdoor Way of the Cross ... Read More »

Obituaries - March 2015

Posted by Grace Romanek

The Northern Cross - March 2015 Obitiuaries

Sister Ingrid Luukkonen, teacher, missioner, minister

Sister Ingrid Luukkonen, OSB, 87, died Jan. 30 at St. Scholastica Monastery. Born in Zim, she was the daughter of Albert and Helmi Luukkonen.

Sister Ingrid entered St. Scholastica Monastery in 1956 as a postulant; she ... Read More »

Liz Hoefferle: Did you know a pure heart can affect your vision?

Posted by Kyle Eller

In the Beatitudes, Jesus explains the conditions for ultimate happiness. One of these prescriptions includes, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8).

This teaching by our Lord should prompt us to reflect, "What does the condition of my heart have to do with ... Read More »

Father Michael Schmitz: God's will includes complex process of making choices

Posted by Kyle Eller

Q: What is the difference between drifting along in life and letting God do his will in your life? I have not really pursued a lot of my life goals because I love God and I want to please him by doing what he wants me to do in ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: Ashes, of course, but there's more to get from Lent

Posted by Kyle Eller

Years ago one of my seminary professors cited a study listing the most well-attended Masses of the year. The first two were obvious -- Christmas and Easter -- but the third and fourth most attended Masses were a bit of a surprise to me at the time. They were ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Catholic education -- my passion, our obligation

Posted by Kyle Eller

It has become a bit of a tradition for me to write about Catholic schools and Catholic education for my February columns. Catholic Schools Week typically straddles the last week of January and the first week of February, which prompts me to bring to light the many amazing aspects ... Read More »

Father Robert Barron: Does religion really have a 'smart-people problem'?

Posted by Kyle Eller

Daniel Dennett, one of the "four horsemen" of contemporary atheism, proposed in 2003 that those who espouse a naturalist, atheist worldview should call themselves "the brights," thereby distinguishing themselves rather clearly from the dim, benighted masses who hold on to supernaturalist convictions.

In the wake of Dennett's suggestion, many ... Read More »

Jessica Zittlow: It's time to move forward on basic right of education

Posted by Kyle Eller

Education reform is shaping up as a signature topic of the 2015-16 session, as both Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders have begun to suggest ways to improve educational quality and close the achievement gap.

Like other political debates, the issue of education reform gets tangled in politics and ... Read More »