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Poem from Father Fruth speaks to our hearts when we grieve at Christmas

Bishop Daniel FeltonAs we approach this great Feast of Christmas, the divine mystery that is unfolding is so deep and wide that it will carry us through Christmas Day, then the Christmas Octave, then the 12 Days of Christmas, and then Christmastide, which ends with the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. It will take us this long to even begin to fathom what this mystery is for us every day of our lives. Jesus was born, lived, died, and is resurrected. It is this mystery that we are seeking to embrace, embody, and express as disciples of the Christmas Christ. Read more >>

A Christmas Message from Bishop Daniel


A statement from Bishop Daniel on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVIEarly this morning, we learned of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and we in the Diocese of Duluth join the whole church in mourning. The retired pope was not only one of the preeminent theologians of our time and a Successor of St. Peter but also a shepherd who proclaimed the Christian life to be rooted in an encounter with a person — Jesus — and His love for us, and our way of life one of ongoing friendship with Him. Read more >>

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Restored retreat for adults: Adults 21 and older are invited to come to a retreat weekend. Enjoy food and lodging, thought provoking content, engaging conversation and fellowship, time for reflection and prayer, and free time to enjoy the resort. Come be restored in both body and soul. The Restored retreat is taking place Feb. 24-26 at Breezy Point Resort. This is a great opportunity for you, especially if you have never been on a retreat, or it could be a special gift for a loved one. To register or for more information >>.



FINANCIAL STATEMENT: The Diocese of Duluth has released its audited financial reports. Please see the document here.

COMPUTER SECURITY: The Diocesan Technology Committee offers some best-practices guidance for computer systems here.

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Betsy Kneepkens: As we make our last tuition payment, our investment in Catholic education was money well spent

Our first check was delivered in August 1993, and our last tuition payment will be paid appropriately during the 2023 Catholic Schools Week. My husband, my children, and I know that receiving Catholic education has been a privilege. 

Betsy Kneepkens

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Father Richard Kunst: Can ooze coming from a saint’s grave cure your ills?

I don’t make a habit of using emojis very often when I am texting, but there are two I find myself using a bit more lately: the eye roll emoji and even more the one in which the guy (or girl) has their arms up in the air and shrugging, as if to say, “I don’t get it” or “I don’t know.” 

Father Richard Kunst

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Father Nicholas Nelson: The precepts of the Catholic Church: the minimum for being a practicing Catholic

It makes profound sense to go all in and strive to become a saint. God will reward us more than we can imagine. But is there a minimal requirement to being a practicing Catholic? Yes, in fact there is. 

Father Nick Nelson

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