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Parishes, schools hold up as Covid cases spike

A significant surge in Covid-19 cases in Minnesota continues to affect the life of the community and the church in parishes and schools, although the effects of Gov. Tim Walz’s latest executive order, which went into effect Nov. 20, did not directly affect churches and their worship in the same ways it affected some other areas of life. Read more >>

Clergy assignments

Father James Bissonette, diocesan administrator, has made a number of clergy assignments that will take effect in the coming months. Read more >>

Essay ContestThe annual Respect Life Essay Contest has begun. The contest promotes middle- and high-school students’ ability to articulate the arguments for respecting life. This year’s theme is “Live the Gospel of Life.” Students in middle school, grades 5-8, and high-school, grades 9-12, are eligible. All submissions should be postmarked by Dec. 18. Read more >>

The Northern Cross

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Upcoming events

MEN’S CONFERENCE: The Men of Faith Conference scheduled for Feb. 20, 2021, has been cancelled due to concerns and restrictions with the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers announced in late November. A date has not been set yet for the 2022 Men of Faith Conference.

TBD: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many upcoming events remain uncertain.


STRATEGIC PLANNING: The Diocese of Duluth Five Year Strategic Plan, effective from 2012 to 2017, along with the implementation handbook, is available here. You can find an update on what’s been implemented so far here.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: The Diocese of Duluth has released its audited financial reports. Please see the document here.

COMPUTER SECURITY: The Diocesan Technology Committee offers some best-practices guidance for computer systems here.

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Friday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Daily News

Editorial: Seeing past the 50-50 split

The results of the election verified something that has been increasingly clear over a number of recent election cycles: politically, anyway, we’re divided just about in half.

Nationally, in terms of popular vote, out of all those tens of millions of votes cast, the margin was less than 5%, just like it’s been the last three presidential elections. In fact, in the 21st century, five of the six presidential elections have ended up that way.

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Deacon Kyle Eller: How can we handle the ‘perpetual outrage machine’ as Catholics?

It’s always interesting when very great and holy saints and even doctors of the church seem to give conflicting advice — like St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis de Sales do on the timely and important topic of anger.

Deacon Kyle Eller

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Father Richard Kunst: Apparent ‘contradiction’ in the Gospel sheds light on being a living witness

The seminary I went to had a heavy emphasis on writing papers, whereas other seminaries might put more focus on test-taking. Mine was one in which I felt like it was a continuous stream of producing papers that no one would ever read except for the professor.

Father Richard Kunst

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