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Bishop Felton responds to Traditionis Custodes

Bishop Daniel J. Felton has sent a memo to priests and deacons of the diocese on the implementation of a new apostolic letter by Pope Francis regarding the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. Read more >>

Mass obligation reinstated July 1

In coordination with the other dioceses in Minnesota, Bishop Daniel Felton is reinstating the Sunday Mass obligation effective July 1. Read more >>

View the recent ordinations

Recent days have brought three ordinations in the Diocese of Duluth — a new bishop, a new deacon, and a new priest! If you missed the liturgies, you can view them at the links below.

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Upcoming events

MEN’S CONFERENCE: The Men of Faith Conference scheduled for Feb. 20, 2021, has been cancelled due to concerns and restrictions with the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers announced in late November. A date has not been set yet for the 2022 Men of Faith Conference.

WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: This year’s Women of Faith Conference that had been scheduled for March is canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

TBD: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many upcoming events remain uncertain.


STRATEGIC PLANNING: The Diocese of Duluth Five Year Strategic Plan, effective from 2012 to 2017, along with the implementation handbook, is available here. You can find an update on what’s been implemented so far here.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: The Diocese of Duluth has released its audited financial reports. Please see the document here.

COMPUTER SECURITY: The Diocesan Technology Committee offers some best-practices guidance for computer systems here.

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Daily News

Father Richard Kunst: ‘What we own, we owe’: advice for the next homily about money

As we all know, the priesthood is a pretty unique profession. From the faith perspective, we call it a vocation, because that is what it is — a calling from God. From a secular perspective, it is a very unique job for many reasons, one of which I am sure we hardly give thought to: Other than maybe teachers, who speak to their students following a particular curriculum, Catholic priests are one of the very few professions that speak to an audience every day.

Father Richard Kunst

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Editorial: Forcing taxpayers to fund abortion is extreme and wrong

Our Catholic faith rightly demands that we protect innocent human life and therefore that we oppose abortion and oppose laws permitting abortion. This is a straightforward matter of justice in service to the common good.

In our complex form of government, as our nearly 50 year battle to undo the damage caused by Roe v. Wade shows, doing this is no easy task when some of our fellow citizens disagree with us vehemently and when many more of them are conflicted and ambivalent. That’s why Catholic teaching, for instance Pope St. John Paul II’s encyclical on the Gospel of Life, make it clear that we can pursue this goal of protecting the unborn incrementally, step by step.

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Bishop Felton responds to Traditionis Custodes

Bishop Daniel J. Felton send the following memo to priests and deacons of the diocese in response to Pope Francis’s letter today regarding the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass:

July 16, 2021

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