Diocesan Assembly 2017

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Additional resources from the 2017 Diocesan Assembly



 Joe Miller's responses to questions submitted at the Assembly.  Click here




Slides from Joe Miller's presentation.  Click here


Many additional resources can be found here, including:
     Cosmic Origins - This 50-minute video provides a synthesis of the topics discussed by Joe at the Assembly.
     Catholic Resources for High School - Resources for high school teachers and students
     Moral Conversion and Resisting Temptation - A paper by Fr. Robert Spitzer, using the work of St. Ignatius of
     Loyola to help a person progress through the levels of happiness by the process of conversion


For parishes or individuals with a subscription to FORMED.org:
      From Nothing to Cosmos: God and Science - 4 episode video series
      Happiness - Based on Fr. Robert Spitzer's paradigm, "The Four Levels of Happiness" - 7 episodes
      The Soul's Upward Yearning - e-Book by Fr. Robert Spitzer
      Finding True Happiness - e-Book by Fr. Robert Spitzer
      The Four Levels of Happiness - audio by Fr. Robert Spitzer





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