Business Office

Business Office

The Diocese of Duluth Business Office Supports the work of the Diocese by accounting for the stewardship of the Diocesan offices. Good stewardship of the material goods of the Diocese involves:

  • Safeguarding the Church’s assets
  • Being prudent in financial and business matters
  • Accountability to donors
  • Compliance with civil law and canonical law as it relates to the material goods of the Church

 In its work to support good stewardship, the Business Office activities include such things as:

  • Processing and accounting for payments to vendors
  • Financial reporting and budgeting
  • The administration of employee benefits and priest benefits
  • Preparing for and coordinating financial audits of diocesan entities
  • Administration of national and special collections
  • Collaborating with parishes to improve financial stability, stewardship, and reporting
  • Processing and accounting for contributions from donors and parishes

The Chief Financial Officer assists the Bishop in directing and guiding the financial, business and administrative affairs of the Diocese.

Parish Financial Services Representative conducts internal financial reviews of parish accounting records and internal controls on a three year cycle.  Also, this position assists parishes with accounting and accounting software questions.

Business Office Staff



Franz Hoefferle
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Beery
Staff Accountant

Suzanne Lott
Accounting Specialist

Mary Ann Kepler
Parish Financial Scvs Representative

Diocese of Duluth
Business Office
2830 E 4th St
Duluth MN 55812
Phone: 218-724-9111
Fax: 218-724-1056


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