Business Office - Finance Council

Diocesan Finance Council


The Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) is one of the two major councils of the Diocese of Duluth.  It is established by the Bishop for the purpose of advising and assisting him in financial matters. Some specific duties are as follows:

  • Approve and recommend an annual budget
  • Examine the annual audited financial statements
  • Appointment and removal of a Finance Officer
  • Imposition of parish assessments
  • Review annual reports from the parishes
  • Advise on investment of tangible and intangible property
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Appointment of legal counsel
  • Advise on property/liability insurance, risk management, property management, fundraising, internal controls & banking

Members of the DFC are appointed by the Bishop for a five year term which can be renewed.  The DFC has two standing committees: Investment and Audit. These committees are comprised of both DFC members and others who are recommended to the Bishop.

The Council is governed by Statutes.


  • Bishop and Chair - Daniel J. Felton
  • Rev. Seth Gogolin
    Vicar General
  • Franz Hoefferle
  • Cathy Von Rueden
  • Doug Hildenbrand
  • Jack Ryan
  • Jim Jarocki
  • Bill Hafdahl
  • Greg Lange
  • Lori Collard
  • Steve Micke
  • Frank Frederickson