Business Office - Parish Resources


This page contains forms and other documents that are commonly needed by parish staff in the administration of parish operations.  These forms and documents represent the most current version available.  The date of last update is provided as a reference point.  If you cannot locate a form or document, please contact Kelly Mackey in the Business Office.

For employment related forms and documents please see the Human Resources page.

  1. To apply for special event coverage, click here.  (updated 4/16/15)
  2. To complete an annual parish administrative report, click here. (updated 6/26/19)
  1. The Official Catholic Directory from P.J. Kenedy & Sons which lists all the Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Duluth.  (updated 1/9/2019)
  2. The IRS group ruling for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, establishing the tax exempt status of Catholic organizations.  (updated 1/9/2019)
  3. Standard Parish Corporation Bylaws, click here.  (updated 11/13/14)
  4. National Collections Schedule, click here. (updated 10/23/19)
  5. Parish standard chart of accounts, click here. (updated 7/13/16)
  1. Policy Database Access
  2. Catholic Mutual Resources Access
  3. Whos Where Benefits and Collections Access