Catechetical Resources

Catechetical Resources


Most of our resources are available at our Diocese of Duluth Catechesis and Evangelization Sharepoint site. Please contact Grace or Annette to be added to the Sharepoint site! 



Peter Kreeft
Audio Recordings of Dr. Peter Kreeft's Talks (October 22-23, 2016, Duluth, MN)
Talk 1 - Evangelizing an Ex-Christian Culture (Sat., Oct. 22 afternoon)  
                 *Note: Audio recording of Talk 1 is of lower technical quality than the rest.*
     Talk 2 - Gender Issues and the Sexual Revolution (Sat. Oct. 22 afternoon)
     Talk 3 - Life Issues: The Denial of Human Dignity (Sat. Oct. 22 evening, following White Mass)
     Talk 4 - Why be a Catholic? (Sun., Oct. 23 morning)

Click on each "Talk" above.  These direct links are currently through the St. Raphael's Guild website.  The St. Raphael's Guild hosted Dr. Kreeft at the White Mass for doctors and medical professionals.

48 Things to do at Adoration (Adapted from Maronite Monks of Adoration)


"Loving as God Loves" Worksheets
The “Loving as God Loves” worksheets provide supplemental catechesis in the areas of marriage, family, chastity, and respect for life.  There is a set of 5 worksheets for each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Click the on the “Parent Letter” or “Sample” below for more detail.

For more information or to have printed:  Contact Annette Merritt

Parent Letter

Sample: Kindergarten Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Kindergarten



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