Win-Build-Equip-Send Diagram

Ideas for Each Stage: 

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WIN / Encounter

     1)  Build trust.  Model what it means to be a Catholic Christian.  Make people comfortable and welcome at the parish.
     2)  Proclaim the kerygma.
     3)  Help people personally encounter and re-encounter our Lord Jesus Christ.

RCIA Periods:

Forming Intentional Disciples Thresholds++:

Activity Ideas:

Parish meals – Fish Fry, Mother’s Day Brunch, KC Pancake Breakfast, Parish Picnic
     *   Have persons from your parish greet and visit with guests.
     *   Be especially attentive to new people or those who sit by themselves.

Parish coffee an’ with table tents/cards of Scripture verses, holy cards, etc.

Family-friendly movie night (Be sure to attain proper movie licensing.)
     *  Show a movie with a good moral story.
     *  Offer reflection questions to go over after the movie or send home with parents.

Theology on Tap –Gather in a comfortable setting to talk about faith in Jesus Christ.

Youth Lock-ins, Amusement Park trips, etc.

Reflect on the meaning of being a Catholic Christian.
     *  Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly – Read and discuss book.

Introduction to prayer.
     *  Lectio divina
     *  Walking Toward Eternity DVD series by Jeff Cavins / Thomas Smith         

Guided Eucharistic Adoration - Start with short periods of time.

BUILD / Establish

      1)  Lead people to a deeper understanding of the person of Jesus Christ. 
      2)  Conversion and communion with Jesus Christ.

RCIA Periods:
     Purification and Enlightenment

Forming Intentional Disciples Thresholds++:
     Intentional Discipleship

Activity Ideas:

Adult Catechesis
     *  Symbolon by the Augustine Institute
     *  Catholicism DVD series by Fr. Robert Barron

Bible Studies
     *  Great Adventure Bible Timeline series by Ascension Press
     *  Ignatius Catholic Study Bible series

2015 Annual Diocesan Assembly – “Transforming Catholics for the New Evangelization” by the Augustine Institute
     *  Learn how to do catechesis, Adult Faith Formation and RCIA in a way that forms life-long intentional disciples.


Deeper prayer
     *  Oramus DVD series by Ascension Press


Goal:  Prepare intentional disciples to witness to their faith in the world and lead others to become intentional disciples.

RCIA Period:

Forming Intentional Disciples Threshold++:
     Equip people to walk with others through the thresholds.

Activity Ideas:

Form a parish evangelization team.

Forming Intentional Disciples book by Sherry Weddell – Read and discuss this book.

Making Disciples Workshop by the Catherine of Siena Institute

Called and Gifted Discernment Process by the Catherine of Siena Institute
     *  Includes charism discernment

Catechist / Teacher Training
     * Formed - Catechist formation program by the Augustine Institute (coming Summer 2015)


++ Thresholds are described in the book Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell (c) 2012 Our Sunday Visitor


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