Legislative Advocacy


"Politics, according to the Social Doctrine of the Church, is one of the highest forms of charity, because it serves the common good."

Pope Francis

Our faith calls us to "meddle in politics" and protect the vulnerable in our society. The Minnesota Legislative Session typically opens in January.  There are many chances to join with others at the Capitol to raise our Catholic voices! 

Catholics at the Capitolheld in odd-numbered years, is a chance for Catholics from all over Minnesota join with our bishops to pray and advocate for justice.  

JRLC Day on the Hill is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Catholic Conference. JRLC Day on the Hill is usually held in March. 

Capitol 101, held in even-numbered years, is a chance for Catholics to gather at the Capitol to experience the lawmaking process, learn how you can plug in as a faithful citizen, identify key issues, and pray for your legislators. 


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