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General Background

There are 1,254 students enrolled in the Diocese of Duluth.

Student Diversity

The student population mirrors a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Minority students make up 15% of our student population.  queen of peace

Faith Life

79% of the students are Catholic. About 21% of the children enrolled in our schools come to us from non-Catholic families. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share the Good News.

Pupil-Teacher Ratio

In our Catholic schools, the pupil-teacher ratio is 10:1.

Academic Measurement

Evidence for the excellent performance of students from our Catholic schools relies on a variety of standardized tests. The results of statewide testing conducted in some of our fifth grades and all of our eighth grades measure student success. Additionally, we are able to define our success in terms of how successful the students are when they leave our schools and assimilate into their next school. Many of our former students are on the honor roll and graduate with honors.


Each school establishes the tuition rate. Some schools use a "fair share" program where parents negotiate the tuition with the school based on ability to pay and volunteerism. Other schools have a tiered system of tuition with rates set for the first child in the family and discounted rates for each additional child. Through the generosity of the parish communities, we are able to provide quality Catholic education at an affordable rate. Tuition assistance is available.

Why Parents Choose Catholic Schools

Studies show that parents place their children in Catholic schools for three reasons: the superior academic achievement of Catholic school students; their secure and disciplined learning environments; and a total education which includes the teachings of the Catholic faith.


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