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Retreat for Adults
January 21-23, 2022

Registration opened November 10th.  This retreat has very limited capacity due to COVID, so it is open to those who live within the boundaries of the Diocese of Duluth only.  Thank you for understanding.

Past registration information:
Click here to register today! (Registration is closed)  Note: Please do not make full payment at time of registration.  Please choose the Payment Plan option and choose "deposit + 3 payments." The deposit will be $0 today and payments will be automatically paid in thirds on December 18, January 1, and January 15.  This is to limit the amount of money collected in case we need to postpone or cancel the retreat.  Thank you!

Please click to register to see registration costs.  No deposit is needed during registration.  A payment plan will be set up when you register.  If the retreat is full, you may register for the Waiting List for free.  We will contact you if a spot opens for you.  You will not sign up for the payment plan if you are on the waiting list.

Check-in time on Friday, January 21st will be prior to 7:00pm, but the exact begining time of check-in is to be determined.  The retreat will begin at 7:00pm on Friday and conclude after 11:00am Mass on Sunday, January 23rd. 

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You may choose to attend and room alone, with others, or with your spouse, if applicable.  If you have not selected the Single occupancy room rate, "Single with Roommate(s)" could be you in a sleeping room of 2 - 3 people each with your own bed, and/or could be attached to a villa that shares a common space with up to 3 sleeping rooms.  During registration, you can list the name(s) of roommates or your spouse.

COVID Policy:
To attend this retreat, you will need to test negative for COVID no more than 2 days before the start of the retreat. You are responsible for bringing documentation of this negative COVID test; without documentation of the negative test, you will not be admitted to the retreat. If you are using an at-home rapid COVID test, you will need to take a picture (showing the date and time that the test was taken) and bring it as documentation. Please do not bring the actual test strip.

If you have been exposed within the 14 days prior to the retreat to someone who has tested positive to COVID or if you have COVID symptoms, you must notify the retreat organizers and you may not be able to attend.

Please note: If you have previously tested positive for COVID within 90 days prior to the start of the retreat, please contact us for testing information.

Regarding masks, we will be following the diocesan COVID guidelines which is based upon the current transmission rate in a given county where an event is taking place. This means that if the COVID transmission level is “high” as it is currently, we will be asking those attending to wear masks when in common areas indoors.

Payment/Refund Policy:
I will make no payment during registration, however, I will sign up for the payment plan and choose "Deposit + 3 payment(s)" (today's deposit is $0).

If I test positive for COVID on arrival, I will get a full refund. If I cancel without a positive COVID test and I do not have COVID symptoms or I have not been exposed to COVID, my payment may not be non-refundable.

Payment plan: You will sign up for the 3-payment plan which divides your full registration fee into three payments.  If you cancel close to the retreat start date, 1/3 of your fee may not be refundable.

  1. Saturday, December 18, 2021 (1/3 of registration fee)
  2. Saturday, January 1, 2022 (1/3 of registration fee)
  3. Saturday, January 15, 2022 (1/3 of registration fee)

If the event is cancelled due to COVID, we will stop payment on all payment plans.  Thank you!

Please contact Grace or Annette with any questions.


Thank you CREED Fund Donors!

Restored has received a grant from the CREED Fund. This fund – The Catholic Religious Education Endowment Fund – provides for the financial support of educational opportunities for the enrichment of faith and the spreading of the Gospel by the laity, deacons, priests, and Catholic schools in the Diocese of Duluth. The fund is supported in part by the Evangelization Through Education capital campaign.


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