Vocations Director

Vocations Director

NelsonWhat happens when you finally find enough courage to actually contact someone about your interest in a possible vocation to the consecrated life? Does the vocation director call you every day to badger you about becoming a priest or sister? Do you get put on a mailing list? Will your friends or others find out? Not at all! Feel free to call confidentially and ask any questions you like. Give as much or as little information about yourself as you choose.
It’s a normal part of a vocation director’s job to talk to people at all levels of discernment. Lots of men and women inquire about the priesthood or consecrated life, and for a number of reasons. A small percentage are seriously interested in applying to the seminary or getting in contact with a religious community. Many are just satisfying their curiosity. Others are inquiring about what a particular diocese is like. 

If you feel a nudge from God to do something about your attraction to the priesthood or consecrated life, take a step in faith and contact our Vocations Director Father Nicholas Nelson at:  218-724-9111.


Fr. Nicholas Nelson
[email protected]

Diocese of Duluth
2830 E. 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55812

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