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Catholic Schools--A World of Difference

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Imagine the world of difference you can make by enrolling your child in one of our Catholic schools!


We make a world of difference by placing faith at the center of all we do.

Catholic schools build on and enhance the faith foundation you establish in your home. Our school day begins and ends with prayer. Students know that God is included in all of our activities. How does this make a difference? It begins with our belief that your child is a unique individual created by God with special gifts and talents. Because faith is at the center, everything is different:
• the way we teach
• the way we guide
• the way we help to build your child's confidence and esteem
• the way we develop team spirit
• the way we approach difficulties
This all flows from our faith-based belief in the dignity of the human person.

 We make a world of difference in organized classrooms with freedom to learn.

Catholic schools strive to provide disciplined classrooms where students are able to focus on learning. Our experienced Catholic teachers and principals work with students to teach the importance of personal responsibility, self-control, and consideration for others. We teach teamwork, honesty, respect for life, respect for self and respect for others. Therefore, Catholic school classrooms are safe and nurturing environments for learning and creating.

 We make a world of difference through innovative, experienced, and caring teachers.

Catholic schools are blessed by the dedication of teachers who are committed to your child's success and to the entire school community. Teachers in the Diocese of Duluth are engaged in ongoing professional development to ensure that teaching methods and subject knowledge are continually improved. Some staff development areas have included curriculum mapping, assessment, technology, learning styles, school safety, discipline techniques, differentiated lessons and faith growth opportunities.

 We make a world of difference through high academic standards.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Duluth continue to demonstrate their success with excellent results on standardized tests and other assessment methods. Many of our students pride themselves in participating in various academic contests such as: DestiNation Imagination, History Day, science fairs, art contests, and writing workshops. We participate in the rigorous MNSAA academic accreditation process--a self-study process with strategic planning for ongoing improvement.

 We make a world of difference by ensuring that learning is fun.

Catholic schools have demonstrated that learning is fun. Our teachers are known for their creative projects, which extend beyond the basic standards and curricular benchmarks. Students learn how science experiments facilitate learning, manipulatives help explain the abstract concepts of mathematics, the internet and technology labs allow for creative use of technology for presentations and a means to gather information, and the arts enrich a variety of lessons.

We make a world of difference through service to others.

Students in Catholic schools have many opportunities to learn the importance of service to others. We lead the way in our community in volunteering, collecting food and goods, participating in Operation Rice Bowl, sharing our talents with inter-generational programs, entertaining in the wider community, and much more. Our Diocese has a sister diocese relationship with the Diocese of Kingstown in the Grenadines. We have engaged in a very meaningful projects guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to build a more just society.

 We make a world of difference because together we are partners in your child's education.

Knowing that parents are the primary educators of their children, we feel privileged to join in a partnership with parents. The staff works with parents to reinforce the faith and values that are modeled in your home. The active involvement of parents is key to the success of Catholic schools. Most families find that through volunteerism the feeling of strong community is very reassuring. Together we walk hand in hand to guide your child towards a promising future.


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