Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry




2019 Summer Events


We begin each evening with Mass at the Newman House at 5:00 pm with a BBQ and a talk by a speaker to follow. Next we move on to a fierce game of speedball (a great game combining the best of soccer and football) down at Park Point, and we close out the evening at the Dairy Queen in Canal Park. The Newman House is located at 421 W St. Marie Street in Duluth.

The Voyage will be held the following nights: (Save these dates in your calendar)

Wednesday, July 10th

Wednesday, July 17th

Wednesday, July 24th

Wednesday, July 31st

Come to any or all.  We are happy to have you!  No registration required.

This event is for college students and other 18+ young adults.  For a similar event for high school students, please click here for Teen Discipleship.


Young Adult Mass

Young Adults from all over the diocese are invited to join the UMD Campus Ministry Masses.

School Year Mass Schedule at Newman:

Sundays @ UMD:
10:30 AM in The Kirby Ballroom
8:00 PM in The Rafters

Tuesday & Thursday @ Newman House:  5:30 PM
Wednesday @ Newman House: 9:00 PM
Friday @ Newman House:  12:05 PM 

Confessions are heard a 1/2 hour before every Mass.

More information about our Campus Ministry here

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Summer Mass Schedule at Newman:

Please go to or for the most current Mass and event schedules.

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“The desire to see Jesus dwells deep in the heart of each man and each woman. My dear young people, allow Jesus to gaze into your eyes so that the desire to see the Light, and to experience the splendor of the Truth, may grow within you. Whether we are aware of it or not, God has created us because he loves us and so that we in turn may love him. This is the reason for the unquenchable nostalgia for God that man preserves in his heart: “Your face, Lord, do I seek. Do not hide your face from me” (Ps 27: 8-9). That Face - we know - was revealed to us by God in Jesus Christ”
–John Paul II, Message for the 19th World Youth Day