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An Easter message from Bishop Daniel

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

As we move through these final Lenten days into the most holy of all weeks, already there is an anticipation of the great feast to come. Soon we will joyfully cry out, “He is Risen!” With that proclamation all life and time is changed forever. That Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead — and in His name so will we — is the kernel and core of all that we are about as believers. 

The paschal mystery of life, death, and resurrection that we celebrate will take 50 days for us to express, embrace, and embody in our Christian life. God gives us so many ways to celebrate our Easter joy during the 50 days of our Easter season: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, first Communions, graduations, great liturgical feasts, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, longer light to our days, tulips, daffodils, the greening of lawns, the beginning of barbecues, and (hopefully) warmer temperatures! All of these signs point us to the Risen Lord and in Him the promise of life over death, hope over despair and light over darkness. Praise the Lord! 

As we move into the Easter season, I pray that God will give you and me the grace to believe and give witness to others of the Good News: Jesus Christ is Risen, alleluia! I pray that your Easter days will be filled with the precious joy that we can only find in the Easter Christ. 

May the holy blessings of the Risen Lord come upon you and remain with you forever,