The October 2016 archive of Daily News

Father Michael Schmitz: Hope is powerful and calls us to action

Posted by Kyle Eller

How do I live with hope? This world seems so lost at times. Even more personally, my life seems so painful and senseless at times. It all just seems so pointless.

Thank you so much for writing and asking this question. The very fact that you have asked this ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: No, we don’t always have more time

Posted by Kyle Eller

I am a huge Minnesota Twins fan, which means this was a very disappointing summer. When they started off with a 0-9 record, I knew that things were not going to be good, and as it turns out, that was not even their longest losing streak of the season.

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Peter Kreeft talks in Duluth

Posted by Kyle Eller

There is still time to get in on Professor Peter Kreeft’s talks in Duluth! The diocesan chapter of the Catholic Medical Association will host the Boston College philosophy professor and world-renowned apologist as part of the annual White Mass celebration. Kreeft’s first talks are Saturday, Oct. 22, at the ... Read More »

Key themes surface in Called To Be One schools planning process

Posted by Kyle Eller

Just ahead of a Sept. 24 retreat on a planning process for the future of Catholic education in Duluth, representatives from the Reid Group shared some of the themes that had emerged from surveys submitted by those interested in Catholic education.

John and Maureen Reid, whose company has been ... Read More »

Kyle Eller: Can we ‘live not by lies’ in this cultural revolution?

Posted by Kyle Eller

“Live Not By Lies” is the title of an essay written by one of my heroes, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in 1974.

For younger readers who may not know, Solzhenitsyn was a dissident in the Soviet Union under its brutal atheistic communist dictatorship. He spent time in the gulag — slave ... Read More »

Bishop Paul Sirba: Our political involvement begins with prayer, and change begins with us

Posted by Kyle Eller

I begin my monthly column in The Northern Cross encouraging a nine day novena for our state and for our nation. Praying is what we do as Catholics, and it flows from who we are. In fact, the greatest thing we do is give praise and glory to God ... Read More »

An election year message from the Roman Catholic bishops of Minnesota

Posted by Kyle Eller

Faithful Citizenship means prayerful, active, and responsible participation in the political process. That includes knowledgeably exercising the right to vote with a well-formed conscience.

Voting is a privilege and an important duty. It is an opportunity for God’s faithful to love our neighbors by electing legislators who will ... Read More »

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