The November 2019 archive of Daily News

Father Nick Nelson: The four last things — nothing in this life is worth missing heaven for

Posted by Kyle Eller

In the liturgical rhythm of the year, the church focuses on various realities of the Christian life. For example, during Lent we remember Christ’s temptations in the desert and we give extra effort to root out sin in our life. Father Nick NelsonHanding on the Faith

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Betsy Kneepkens: Ask questions to help break through our growing incivility this Thanksgiving

Posted by Kyle Eller

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. For me, few things are more satisfying than spending a whole day in gratitude. OK, eating some of my favorite foods all day certainly doesn’t hurt the cause, either. Betsy KneepkensFaith and Family

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find the pause ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: If your adult children no longer practice the faith, it’s probably not your fault

Posted by Megan Muhich

In any profession, or even anything we do, there are routines, things that come up so often that you don’t have to give it a lot of thought. Routines by their nature are repetitive and so often seemed diminished in importance. Father RichardKunstApologetics

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Father Michael Schmitz: How can I step out of the ‘blame loop’?

Posted by Megan Muhich

I have been really hurt by people in my life. But most of the bad stuff in my life is my fault. Still, I can’t stop blaming myself and blaming them for hurting me. Father Michael SchmitzAsk Father Mike

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