The July 2019 archive of Daily News

'Positio' for Father Flanagan's cause presented to Vatican congregation

Posted by Megan Muhich

The sainthood cause of Father Edward J. Flanagan took a step forward July 22 with the presentation of the "positio" to the Vatican Congregation for Saints' Causes, along with a letter of support from Omaha Archbishop George J. Lucas. Archbishop George J. Lucas of Omaha, Neb., watches Omar Gutierrez ... Read More »

Appeals court says Title X rule can take effect while suits proceed

Posted by Megan Muhich

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced July 15 it would begin implementing the Trump administration's "Protect Life Rule" to bar Title X funds from being used for promoting or providing abortion as family planning.

On July 11, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 7-4 ... Read More »

Administration to apply 'third country' rule for asylum-seekers

Posted by Megan Muhich

The Trump administration announced the U.S. departments of Justice and Homeland Security are adopting an interim "third country rule" requiring immigrants seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border to first apply for refugee status in another country. A migrant and her daughter rest outside Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in ... Read More »

Poor Clare marks silver jubilee; she traded in hoops for life of prayer

Posted by Megan Muhich

The last time Poor Clare Sister Rose Marie of the Queen of Angels hugged her mom or other family members was in 1994 when she made her solemn profession of vows to her religious order.

In June, when she renewed her solemn vows, more than 120 friends and family ... Read More »

Census to go forward without citizenship question

Posted by Megan Muhich

In a July 11 announcement from the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump said he was ending his efforts to add a citizenship question to the census and would instead direct federal agencies by executive order to provide data about the country's citizens and noncitizens to the U.S. Commerce Department. ... Read More »

Pope mourns death of French patient after doctors withhold care

Posted by Megan Muhich

"Every life is valuable, always," Pope Francis tweeted after offering prayers for Vincent Lambert, a 42-year-old French man who died July 11, nine days after doctors stopped providing him with nutrition and hydration. Pierre and Viviane Lambert leave Sebastopol Hospital in Reims, France, July 9. In early July, French ... Read More »

Praising God for gift of creation leads to respect for it, pope says

Posted by Megan Muhich

Human beings are called to praise God for his gift of creation, not be predators out to plunder the earth and all it contains, Pope Francis said. This is an aerial view of a deforested plot of the Amazon at the Bom Futuro National Forest in Porto Velho, Brazil, ... Read More »

Father Nick Nelson: Are socialism and Catholicism compatible?

Posted by Megan Muhich

"Socialism” was the most looked-up word at in 2012 and is currently second all time. Recently, especially among the young and idealistic, socialism has developed a more favorable opinion. It has become increasingly popular and trendy to call oneself a socialist or espouse socialist ideas and goals. Father ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Dealing with the weariness of our seemingly endless culture war

Posted by Megan Muhich

Many years ago, at the height of the Iraq War, I got an email newsletter from a well-known evangelical Protestant pro-life and pro-family group. In it was a deeply unworthy column mocking concerns over the torture of prisoners that had come to public prominence at that time. Deacon Kyle ... Read More »

Bishop Paul Sirba: Steps to hold bishops accountable were taken at USCCB meeting

Posted by Megan Muhich

At our June meeting, the bishops of the United State of America approved documents to hold bishops accountable for instances of sexual abuse of children or vulnerable persons, sexual misconduct, or the intentional mishandling of such cases. We committed to involving lay professional experts. We also established a new, ... Read More »

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