The September 2020 archive of Daily News

Father Richard Kunst: A sure way to keep your parish open

Posted by Kyle Eller

Of all the priests in our diocese there is one in particular who you might call our “living history book.” I have had many occasions to listen to Father Dick Partika talk about everything and anything you wanted to know about the history of the Diocese of Duluth. I ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Enjoying the last moments before the nest is empty

Posted by Kyle Eller

“It goes by really fast.” I could not count how many times older parents shared this advice during my oldest son’s first year. I heeded their warnings and took their message to heart. I always believed the days raising my children would fly by while leaving me with the ... Read More »

What’s a Catholic voter to do?

Posted by Kyle Eller

Q&A with Jason Adkins, executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, first published in the Central Minnesota Catholic as part of “The Big Question” series.

What does the church say about Catholics’ involvement in political life and voting? Shouldn’t the church stay out of politics? Is there any scriptural ... Read More »

Statement regarding the resignation of Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy

Posted by Kyle Eller

Father James B. Bissonette, diocesan administrator for the Diocese of Duluth, has issued the following statement:

I have learned that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has accepted the resignation of Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy. Sadly, that notification was accompanied by an announcement from the Diocese of Rapid City of an ... Read More »

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