The September 2021 archive of Daily News

Father Richard Kunst: Homilies are not the most important part of Mass — but they are important

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

About 20 years ago, I remember talking to one of my brother priests who had recently done a survey in his parish. I don’t know the details of the survey, but he did it to gauge the faith of his flock, and I remember him expressing his surprise at ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Brazen comments on abortion and Down Syndrome show why we need Respect Life month

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

It was the Catholic Church that designated October as Respect Life Month. October was likely chosen for many reasons, but one among them is that this month contains the feast of the Most Holy Rosary. The rosary is considered the most powerful prayer to defend life on earth. This Marian devotion ... Read More »

Father Nicholas Nelson: October: the month of the Rosary

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Growing up, one of our favorite movies was the animated film “The Day the Sun Danced: the True Story of Fatima.” I can’t tell you how many times we watched it. I highly recommend it for families. It tells the story of Our Blessed Mother’s appearance to three young Portuguese children in 1917. For five months, angels and ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Coming to believe in God’s love for us — and for every single person around us

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Call it my inner poet shining through or call it a divine encounter and grace from God — in any case, it happened many years ago, soon after my conversion to the Catholic faith, at plain old Cub Foods in Duluth of all places.   Deacon Kyle EllerMere Catholicism

I was shopping for groceries, and suddenly my heart was flooded with wonder and joy and ... Read More »

Father Mike Schmitz: Duties weighing on us? Remember ‘backwards blessings’

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I find myself consistently becoming more and more aware of the good things in other people's lives — and the lack of good things in my life. The demands of work and family and taking care of my parents is really weighing on me.  Father Michael SchmitzAsk Father Mike

... Read More »

Bishop Daniel Felton: Our diocese has 44,000 vocation coordinators — including you

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

As I am writing this article, I am also packing my suitcase to leave for Rome. I will be attending the diaconate ordination of Daniel Hammer on Sept. 30 at St. Peter's Basilica. Cardinal Wilton Gregory will be the principal celebrant at the ordination. It is a great privilege for ... Read More »

Advocates say the public is with them on payday lending reform

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By Deacon Kyle Eller The Northern Cross 

Supporters of payday lending reform, including representatives of the Diocese of Duluth and the Minnesota Catholic Conference, held a press conference in Duluth Aug. 17 to announce polling showing that an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans support their proposal — a 36% cap on ... Read More »

First diocesan Family Camp draws more than 100

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By Deacon Kyle Eller The Northern Cross

The first diocesan Family Camp, organized by the Office of Marriage, Family, and Life, was held at Big Sandy Camp Aug. 13-15 with about 20 families (more than 100 individuals) in attendance. Photo courtesy of Betsy Kneepkens

“I think that it was ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: God’s name is important — treat it with respect

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

The very first thing we do when we meet someone is ask them their name. We do this simply to start a relationship with that person. It is the most basic thing to know about another person; it is how we start social interaction. Father Richard KunstApologetics

In the ... Read More »

Father Nicholas Nelson: The history of Communion in the hand

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

A little-known papal document written in 1969 is titled “Memoriale Domini: Instruction on the Manner of Receiving Holy Communion.” In this document, Pope St. Paul VI reaffirms the one and a half millennia practice of receiving Communion directly on the tongue yet opens up the possibility of receiving a ... Read More »