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MCC: Protecting poor, holding line on marijuana legalization, assisted suicide among 2021 legislative successes

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By Joe TowalskiThe Central Minnesota Catholic

Amid the ongoing challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Minnesota Catholic Conference worked to help pass legislation at the State Capitol this session to protect the poor and vulnerable while also staving off initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana and physician-assisted suicide. The ... Read More »

Editorial: As COVID cases surge again, remember the lessons

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

It was only a couple of months ago, as cases of COVID-19 were declining and things were slowly starting to feel normal, that we asked readers to reflect on the lessons learned from the suffering and challenges of all the months of lockdowns and masks and Zoom and all ... Read More »

Father Nicholas Nelson: Passing on the Faith today, in a new apostolic age

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I recently read the book “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age.” It is from the University of Mary in Bismark, North Dakota. It is a short but good read. It can help us understand how we are to pass on the faith and live ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: ‘Unthinkable’ comment in Mark’s Gospel shows why we honor Mary

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

On Aug. 24, we celebrate the feast day of the Apostle St. Bartholomew, and although we know next to nothing about him, he is one of the most recognizable of the Apostles in sacred art because of how he is portrayed. Most often he is holding a large knife ... Read More »

Bishop Daniel Felton: Implementation of Pope Francis’ new Latin Mass norms will take study

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the month of July and heading into the dog days of August. I pray that you have found some time this summer to rejuvenate your heart, body, ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Resisting the politicization of everything

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I’m not sure what tipped me over, but it’s been slowly building to what is now full-blown exasperation — the politicization of every sphere of life. It feels almost wrong to list examples, as if even to name a few diminishes the degree to which it is simply everywhere. ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Grandparents are often key to children’s development

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Pope Francis designated the fourth Sunday of July the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. He chose that Sunday because it is close to the liturgical memorial of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus. Betsy KneepkensFaith and Family

I know I grew up a bit ignorant ... Read More »

Father Mike Schmitz: Aren’t the bishops politicizing the Eucharist?

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I am troubled by news that the bishops of the United States might ban politicians who are openly pro-abortion from receiving Holy Communion. Isn’t this politicizing the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist for one’s own ends? I thought that the Eucharist was meant to be “medicine for those who ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: ‘What we own, we owe’: advice for the next homily about money

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

As we all know, the priesthood is a pretty unique profession. From the faith perspective, we call it a vocation, because that is what it is — a calling from God. From a secular perspective, it is a very unique job for many reasons, one of which I am ... Read More »

Editorial: Forcing taxpayers to fund abortion is extreme and wrong

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Our Catholic faith rightly demands that we protect innocent human life and therefore that we oppose abortion and oppose laws permitting abortion. This is a straightforward matter of justice in service to the common good.

In our complex form of government, as our nearly 50 year battle to undo ... Read More »