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Bishop Felton responds to Traditionis Custodes

Bishop Daniel J. Felton send the following memo to priests and deacons of the diocese in response to Pope Francis’s letter today regarding the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass:

July 16, 2021

Dear Brothers in Christ,

As you may be aware, today our Holy Father, Pope Francis, released an apostolic letter, Traditionis Custodes, on the use of the Roman Liturgy prior to the 1970 reform. Having just received the document, and having consulted with Father Joel Hastings, our director of liturgy and the priest responsible for the Traditional Latin Mass in Duluth, we will need to study it and determine the best ways to implement the articles it contains. While that process continues, for the time being:

  1. The weekly celebration of the extraordinary form Mass will continue at St. Benedict’s Church in Duluth.

  2. For other parishes which are currently celebrating the extraordinary form Mass, their situations will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

  3. No new celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass may be initiated in the parishes at this time.

As the Holy Father’s introduction notes, implementing these norms will take time. I encourage you to be mindful of the faithful who are devoted to the traditional liturgy and sensitive to their feelings at this time. I note that like Pope Benedict XVI, when he released his own motu proprio on the liturgy, Pope Francis draws our attention to the need to celebrate the ordinary form of the Mass reverently and in a manner faithful to the ritual.

As we undertake this review, let us keep each other in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and grant us the grace of greater faith and deeper unity in our Eucharistic Lord. Please be assured that you will be kept apprised of any developments as we move forward.

Know of my prayers for all of you at this time and always.

May the blessings of God be upon you and those you serve,

Sincerely in Christ,

+ Daniel

Bishop Daniel J. Felton
Bishop of Duluth