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Editorial: Build your faith — go to the men’s conference or women’s conference

Every year the faithful of the Diocese of Duluth are blessed to have two great, day-long conferences, one for men and one for women. March is the month for them this year, and we wanted to remind you one last time.

These conferences have some things in common. They have an engaging national speaker. They have opportunities for Mass (usually with the bishop) and confession. They are supported by a host of volunteers and led by people who have experience.

Perhaps best of all, they offer a chance for fellowship with other Catholic men or women who love their faith and are seeking to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. The youth and young adults of the diocese often connect through things like camps and retreats. This is one place the adults gather.

There is strength in this. It’s really a great gift.

If you haven’t been there in a while, it’s time to check it out again. If you’ve never been there, now is your chance. It won’t come around again for another year.

But what if you’re a regular? Pray about who might be a good friend or family member to bring along this year. The blessings of these kinds of event multiply as they’re shared. You might also consider the possibility that there may be someone in your life for whom this will be a turning point and a new, deeper walk with God.

Hope to see you there.