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Editorial: Continuing to pray for peace 

It’s now been a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the war goes on, taking its dreadful toll. Over that year, other nations around the world, including our own, have been drawn deeper and deeper into the conflict, through sanctions and countless billions of dollars in arms shipments and diplomatic crises. 

The effects are being felt far beyond Russia and Ukraine, whether it’s economic turmoil and austerity or fears over a broader, even deadlier conflict emerging. 

The end of the conflict does not appear to be near at hand. And this is just one of the conflicts raging in the world. 

Our Catholic faith has a long tradition of working for peace, advocating for peace, and praying for peace. As we observe this grim anniversary of a brutal invasion, may it serve as a renewed call to take our prayers to the Prince of Peace, especially in praying the rosary for peace in our world and for a just resolution to all its conflicts and hardships.