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Editorial: It’s January, and it’s that time again

Every January we do our thing, marking the vigil that began Jan. 22, 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court tossed out numerous state laws and invented a constitutional right to abortion — a right to take with violence the most innocent of human lives — through all nine months of pregnancy, one of the most radical abortion regimes in the world.

For 42 years now Catholics across the country have prayed, have fasted, have marched, have supported mothers and their babies, have spoken out, have written letters, have called their representatives and grilled candidates, have funded various pro-life apostolates, have begged, have pleaded.

For the whole history of the church we have recognized a way of life and way of death and made the insistent call to choose life.

There will be numerous opportunities to do so again this January and all throughout the year. The effort to give voice to the voiceless carries on, and will carry on, as long as it is needed.

Maybe it’s just as important a ritual in January to strengthen our resolve. If we are weary of marching, hoarse from making our voices heard, we must remember why we’re doing it, and recommit to carrying it on whether the going is easy or difficult until every child is protected in law and no mother learns of a pregnancy with dread because no one is there to help.

Then we must put that resolve into action. Here are some concrete things we can do during the month of January to make a difference for life:

  • Pray. The rosary, in particular, is a powerful prayer for life. Offer your rosaries this month for an end to abortion.
  • Make your voice heard. Write an email or letter to an elected official, participate in one of the many marches to show your support for life (the March for Life in the Twin Cities begins with a 10:30 a.m. prayer service at the Cathedral of St. Paul followed by a noon march at the State Capitol grounds) or pen a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Fast. You can offer up meat on Fridays for respect for life in January, or any other penance you like.
  • Offer support. Can you volunteer for a pro-life organization? Can you get baby supplies to an organiztion that supports mothers? Can you write out a check to a pro-life organization or attend Guiding Star Duluth’s annual Together for Life Banquet Jan. 25 that supports a whole host of such organizations?

There are many ways to support life. Please find one or more this month.