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Editorial: Remember the facts in the abortion debate

The abortion debate that has sometimes smoldered and sometimes raged since even before the 1973, when the travesty of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was made, has flared dramatically in recent weeks. States are jockeying to position themselves for the possibility the court could overturn Roe. Some states have passed laws restricting abortion, in part hoping to get Roe overturned. Others have lurched the other way, eliminating abortion regulations in extreme and barbaric ways, aiming to preserve legal abortion in an America after Roe.

Along with this has come an increase in vitriol, especially directed at the pro-life movement, and a flood of biased reporting.

In such cases, it’s often helpful to go back to two basic facts at the heart of the matter: Human life begins at conception, and the point of abortion is to end that life.

That’s not a religious view. That’s biology.

This is true whether the person saying it is a woman or a man or whether they favor this political party or that, and no matter what religion, if any, a person adheres to. From a strictly logical point of view, it remains true whether the person saying it is a saint or a mean, hypocritical villain, although we’d certainly prefer the former. And while we care deeply about the suffering of those who have been wounded by abortions, the truth of these facts also does not depend on whether people find it hurtful or offensive.

This is just what is.

When all the sophistry is stripped away, when all the feet have been stamped, when all the name-calling has been exhausted, these facts remain, even though only one side seems to want to take them seriously.

Where our faith comes into these facts is in bidding us to defend the innocent while loving and supporting both mother and child. Our culture would have us pretend not to see these truths. That ought to be a very clear choice for us all.