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Editorial: Supporting Catholic schools

Each year as Catholic Schools Week rolls around, we are invited to consider the role of Catholic education in the mission of the church. When we consider that it is part of the mission of passing on the faith to the next generation and helping Catholic parents to fulfill their duty in educating their children, it becomes clear that the role is a major one. 

When we place that role in the context of difficulties parents are facing in some other school models, with education becoming a culture war battleground, the need for schools that take seriously the truths of the Catholic faith appears all the more significant. 

Our Catholic schools, with their faculty and staff and families, have been working hard for their students in the midst of the trials we are all facing with the pandemic. Indeed, there are many good things happening in our Catholic schools, including in many cases increased enrollment during the pandemic. 

So we must ask: What can we do to support Catholic schools? For those with school-aged children or grandchildren, if they are not already enrolled, consider a school visit to discern if a Catholic school is for you. 

We can also support our Catholic schools by helping to fund them, by our volunteer work, and by our prayers. 

Catholic education is important to the mission of the church and to the well-being of our young people. Please prayerfully consider supporting it a part of your stewardship.