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Bishop Felton responds to Traditionis Custodes

Posted by Kyle Eller

Bishop Daniel J. Felton send the following memo to priests and deacons of the diocese in response to Pope Francis’s letter today regarding the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass:

July 16, 2021

Dear Brothers in Christ,

As you may be aware, today our Holy Father, Pope Francis, released ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: One more group that sacrificed during the pandemic needs our respect

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Is this pandemic coming to an end? It certainly feels like we have turned a corner. You hear “experts” express concerns about the future strains, but we are moving back to normalcy for now. Betsy KneepkensFaith and Family

I think we could all write a book about the impact ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Addressing race through the light of the Gospel

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Amid all the signs of moral decay in society around us and among us, to me one of the saddest is the resurgence of open racism. It’s probably shallow and naive and even privileged of me, but I thought we were better than this.  Deacon Kyle EllerMere Catholicism

In ... Read More »

Father Nicholas Nelson: Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Growing up, I was constantly playing sports. I was on many traveling soccer and hockey teams, as were my sisters and brother. At times it seemed we were traveling at least twice a month for tournaments. Today, I think that was way too much, and we as priests and ... Read More »

Thank you for your warm welcome as your bishop

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Bishop Daniel Felton   Believe in the Good News

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! If we have not had the occasion to meet, allow me to introduce myself. I am Bishop Daniel Felton. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis has appointed me as the tenth ... Read More »

Father Peterson finding comfort, joy in first days as a priest

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By Deacon Kyle Eller The Northern Cross 

Father Trevor Peterson, who was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Daniel Felton June 4, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, had already seen a bit of life by the time he entered seminary. 

Born to the late Wendell and ... Read More »

Schools: A letter from the new president of Stella Maris Academy

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By Andrew Hilliker   Guest columnist


My name is Andrew Hilliker, and I am excited to introduce myself to the Diocese of Duluth community! Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of visiting Stella Maris on a few occasions, and each time I witnessed the exceptional ... Read More »

Father Mike Schmitz: What to do when complaining takes hold of you

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I’ve noticed something about myself. I used to be someone who occasionally complained, but recently I’ve realized that I am constantly complaining about one thing or another. I seem to be able to find something to be upset about in every situation and with every piece of news I ... Read More »

Father Mike Schmitz: What should a Catholic make of ‘cancel culture’?

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I have noticed something happening in our society that people have called “cancel culture.” How are we supposed to respond to this as Christians? Father Michael SchmitzAsk Father Mike

This is quite the timely (and potentially volatile) question! Over the course of the past few years, the prevalence and ... Read More »

Mass obligation reinstated July 1

Posted by Kyle Eller

In a communication to diocesan clergy, Bishop Daniel Felton has announced that the Sunday Mass obligation, which has been dispensed since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be restored effective July 1.

The full text follows:

Dear Brother Priests and Deacons,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ! ... Read More »