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Diaconal, priesthood ordinations coming in May, June

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

By The Northern Cross 

Four men are to be ordained permanent deacons May 6, and two men are to be ordained priests June 24, with both ordinations taking place at 5 p.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary in Duluth. Four men are to be ordained ... Read More »

Bishop Daniel Felton: Easter’s joy is a life-changer for us

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead, Alleluia! This bold proclamation changes everything in our lives and in our understanding of the world. Jesus Christ has conquered death and in doing so has conquered fear, despair, darkness, hatred, division, and sin.  Bishop Daniel FeltonBelieve in the Good News

... Read More »

Father Mike Schmitz: Feeling like you never do enough and just want to quit?

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

I serve at my parish all of the time. Whenever my pastor (or really anyone) asks me to help, I usually say yes. On top of that, I feel like I am never doing enough, praying enough, or serving enough. I just want to quit. What do I do?  ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: Did Jesus banter with the Apostles?

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Is verbally “slamming” someone a sin? It certainly can be, but often it can be done in jest to make a point with a slight sense of humor. I have to admit that this is something I do pretty often. I was brought up in a family in which ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: With grey hair comes ‘expert status’

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

What do raising kids, grey hair, and wrinkles give you? Expert status. 

I chuckle every time one of my younger siblings calls me for advice. Having raised my children into young adulthood, my younger siblings, several years my junior, seem to need advice on parenting issues I never worried ... Read More »

Catholic conference speaks up for economic and criminal justice

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

MN Catholic ConferenceInside the Capitol Larger surplus affirms need to provision families

The big news at the Minnesota Capitol is that our state government has a budget surplus for the ninth consecutive year. What was expected to be a $7.7 billion surplus is now up to a record $9.25 ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Finding inspiration for the spiritual life in a new sourdough starter

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

My new sourdough starter is finally mature as of mid-March, having taken far longer than the books say it should, and therefore far more patience and persistence than I thought it would on my part. (I blame the cold weather.) Deacon Kyle EllerMere Catholicism

During the height of the ... Read More »

Editorial: The season of mercy and reconciliation

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

Holy Week brings us the highest holy days of the year as we commemorate the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, for our salvation. Through this Paschal Mystery we are forgiven our sins, reconciled to God, and redeemed so that we might share ... Read More »

Father Nicholas Nelson: Understanding the different senses in which we speak of ‘vocations’

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

There are different senses in which we can speak of vocations. To start, we can say a vocation is something that you are called to. In fact, the word “vocation” comes from the Latin word “vocare,” meaning “to call.” So all vocations have that in common. It is some ... Read More »

An Easter message from Bishop Daniel

Posted by Elizabeth Gjovik

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

As we move through these final Lenten days into the most holy of all weeks, already there is an anticipation of the great feast to come. Soon we will joyfully cry out, “He is Risen!” With that proclamation all life and time ... Read More »