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Bishop Paul Sirba: Steps to hold bishops accountable were taken at USCCB meeting

Posted by Megan Muhich

At our June meeting, the bishops of the United State of America approved documents to hold bishops accountable for instances of sexual abuse of children or vulnerable persons, sexual misconduct, or the intentional mishandling of such cases. We committed to involving lay professional experts. We also established a new, ... Read More »

Editorial: Remember the facts in the abortion debate

Posted by Megan Muhich

The abortion debate that has sometimes smoldered and sometimes raged since even before the 1973, when the travesty of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was made, has flared dramatically in recent weeks. States are jockeying to position themselves for the possibility the court could overturn Roe. ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Homemade pasta was a rebellion against the tyranny of efficiency

Posted by Megan Muhich

Last month, I had a couple of hours to myself at home. I’d been feeling a bit down. I needed supper. The easy chair and the Internet were beckoning — or, to use the correct verb, “tempting.” Deacon KyleEllerMere Catholicism

Instead, I switched things up. I decided to do ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Including faith in family travels enriches relationships.

Posted by Megan Muhich

With spring comes travel season for the Kneepkens household. There are plenty of events to attend with children in three different geographical areas outside the Northland. We have college events to attend, birthdays to celebrate, and we travel for sports for our two youngest. I enjoy the hopping from ... Read More »

June has many celebrations for us

Posted by Megan Muhich

This month of June boasts some significant liturgical feasts and diocesan celebrations. Bishop Paul SirbaFiat Voluntas Tua

The weekend of June 2 celebrates the Ascension of the Lord. Jesus commissioned his disciples to baptize in his name. He ascended to the Father and sits at His right hand in ... Read More »

Clergy assignments effective in July

Posted by Megan Muhich

Bishop Paul D. Sirba has announced the following clergy assignments, effective Wednesday, July 17.   Priests  Father Paul Strommer, parochial vicar of St. Francis, Brainerd; All Saints, Baxter; and St. Thomas of the Pines, Brainerd, to parochial vicar of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Mary Star of the Sea, Duluth.  Father Jeremy ... Read More »

Deacon Kyle Eller: Lost in the fire? Notre Dame invites us to consider rebuilding other treasures

Posted by Megan Muhich

Sometimes the coming together of seemingly unrelated events sparks a new insight. In the days after the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burned, I was preparing for a radio interview about something else, a sacred music workshop in Hibbing I’m helping with in early May. Deacon Kyle EllerMere Catholicism

In the midst of this, a line from one of the documents of the Second Vatican Council came to mind: “The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: Should the Cathedral of Notre Dame be rebuilt?

Posted by Megan Muhich

I have never been very adventurous, so I haven’t sought out trips to exotic places. I had found my family life and what all that has encompassed exciting enough. Betsy KneepkensFaith and Family

Five years ago, I heard about a pilgrimage to Europe that was being set up in ... Read More »

Bishop Paul Sirba: Sacred places, like the burial place of Jesus, make faith come alive

Posted by Megan Muhich

Not quite two years ago, the Holy Land Review published a series of articles on the restoration of the Edicule, or shrine, that encloses the tomb of Jesus within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Since the fourth century, a succession of churches have surrounded this sacred ... Read More »

Letter from Bishop Paul Sirba

Posted by Kyle Eller

A letter from Duluth Bishop Paul Sirba, updating the faithful on the diocesan bankruptcy, was read in parishes across the diocese the weekend of May 4-5. The letter can be read here.