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David Douglas: Balancing our intentions with obedience

Posted by Kyle Eller

By David DouglasGuest columnist Adam and Eve didn’t eat an apple. They ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The name is worth remembering. It’s an unusual name for the fruit of a tree, plus names in the Bible matter. We know the ... Read More »

Betsy Kneepkens: On Earth Day, heed God’s master plan for creation

Posted by Megan Carlson

A couple of weeks back, my daughter heard at a presentation that if we don’t drastically change the way humans treat the environment, this planet will not be here in 10 years. My daughter seemed sincerely concerned. I told her that we could not be sure that the earth ... Read More »

Editorial: First 1,000 Days of Life a good legislative model

Posted by Kyle Eller

This year’s Catholics at the Capitol event, put on by the Minnesota Catholic Conference, had two main legislative points of emphasis, both of which are important and worthwhile. We encourage you to visit the organization’s website and learn about all the initiatives which the MCC, the public policy voice ... Read More »

‘Bible Study Evangelista’ was ‘flawless’ before record women’s conference crowd

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Deacon Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross The promotional materials for the Women of Faith conference called keynote speaker Sonja Corbitt a “Southern belle with a warrior’s heart and poet’s pen.” However one describes the charismatic “Bible Study Evangelista” from Tennessee, she found a welcoming northern Minnesota audience with a ... Read More »

Men’s conference 2019: some ‘curveballs’ and a great speaker

Posted by Kyle Eller

By Deacon Kyle EllerThe Northern Cross The forecast called for an impending winter storm, leading to a canceled bus and to the annual Men of Faith Conference ending earlier than scheduled March 9 at Marshall School in Duluth. Paul George spoke addresses the crowd at Marshall School in Duluth ... Read More »

Father Nick Nelson: The church has definite ideals about music at Mass

Posted by Megan Carlson

I have been writing this column for less than a year, but you can probably tell that I have a passion for the liturgy. But this makes sense. As you “play how you practice,” you become how you worship. Father NickNelsonHanding on the Faith

I didn’t always have a ... Read More »

Father Richard Kunst: Country music stars are not theologians

Posted by Megan Carlson

Growing up, I was obsessed with country music, primarily the classics from the 1950s through the early 1980s. Although I would not say I am obsessed with it any longer, it still remains my favorite kind of music by far.

Father Richard KunstApologetics

My favorite is Johnny Cash, but ... Read More »


Posted by Megan Carlson

Kateri Circle (Deer River) Sts. Joseph and Mary Kateri Circle meets each month at St. Mary Church, 15 First Ave. N.E., Deer River. The circle also sponsors a book discussion. Contact Claudia at (218) 398-1757 for more information. Prayer group A prayer group meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. at ... Read More »

School news in brief

Posted by Megan Carlson

St. Francis receives anonymous donation

St. Francis School was the recipient of a gift from an anonymous donor. Each teacher and administrator received a monetary gift to buy what they wanted or needed for their classrooms or offices. They purchased a variety of things such as art supplies, alternative classroom seating, ... Read More »

Life news in brief

Posted by Megan Carlson

Post-abortion ministry

Hurting after abortion? You are not alone. The Diocese of Duluth is here to help you heal through its post-abortion ministry, Project Rachel. This ministry offers a confidential helpline for you to speak with someone about your experience. A willing person to listen who has been specially ... Read More »