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Editorial: A season of fresh starts

At the end of this month, a new year on the calendar will begin. And as this newspaper goes to press, a new year in the church calendar has already begun with the beginning of Advent.

For whatever reason, perhaps because they establish a convenient starting point, those moments can be fruitful times for new beginnings, such as New Year’s resolutions.

In the spiritual life, it might sometimes seem that the best advice is always the same:

Pray the rosary.

Get to Sunday Mass faithfully.

Start going to daily Mass.

Turn from sin.

Go to confession.

Make time for daily prayer.

Read Scripture.

Learn your faith better.

Perform works of mercy.

Forgive someone.

Find some worthwhile spiritual reading.

But that’s just as well, because usually these things are the very things we need, and the exact areas in which we need deeper conversion.

Advent in particular is meant to be a time of additional silence and anticipation and making space in our lives for God to act. It’s an excellent time to make a fresh start, to begin again.